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A short interview of Dr. Indira Parikh with Dr. S. Jeyavelu, Dean-VIT-AP School of Business (VSB)

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Future of Creative and Liberal Education - An Introduction to DALHAM Foundation

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By Dr. Indira Parikh and Mr. Shekhar Bhattacharjee

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D-ART- Revolutionising the art of assessing an individual by Mr. Shekhar Bhattacharjee and Ms. Neha Kundal.
Breaking the Mental Stigma by Ms. Devyani Kapoor

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The educational landscape (Universe) of India has created possibilities of transforming the Indian higher education sector. The existing templates of higher education are curtailing innovation and creativity. In the current scenario, there is a large population of young minds looking for an education that is meaningful and relevant. Traditionally, the focus has been on science, engineering, medicine and technology (STEM). But now the education in India has embarked on a quest to discover all the coordinates of a learning environment which would create new landmarks in the landscape of education in India.

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